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Legal Disclaimer

Definitions. For the purpose of this agreement, the following terms are defined below: Refers to the website, which is accessed through the URL ("Uniform Resource Locator"), including but not limited to domain names (TLDs) with the corresponding endings for different countries. For the purpose of this agreement, the terms "" and "website" can be used in either way.

Arosemena Noriega & Contreras ( DBA): Refers to Arosemena Noriega & Contreras, civil partnership organized under the laws of Panama, who is the owner of all intellectual property rights regarding and website patents, as well as all tools.

Tools: Refers to all files, codes, documents, equipment, information, programs and systems that can allow the operation of the website and the provision of the services offered therein.

Electronic Payment: Payment made by any user on the website as payment for services invoiced by Arosemena Noriega & Contreras.

Services: Refers to all the services offered to the User, including but not limited to those listed in the Practice Areas section. Through this website, Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA will offer the user a system to pay invoices relatod to fees and/or expenses incurred.

Website: Refers to the website known as "", which can be accessed through the URL, including but not limited to domain name (TLDs) with the corresponding endings for different countries.

Terms: This refers to this User Agreement, which contains the terms and conditions for access and use the Website and the services offered therein.

User (s): This refers to each and every one of those who access the Internet and those who make use of the Website or any of the tools contained therein.

Acceptance: By pressing the "Agree" button, the user is explicitly accepting the Terms of Use for In case you do not agree with these Terms or you are unwilling to abide by them obligatorily, the user is asked to leave the Website and discontinue use of it. Should any questions arise concerning the services or information is required about these Terms, you may contact the offices of Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA via email to the following address: Under no circumstances will the lack of response from Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA to any of the messages sent should be interpreted as a legal act causing no consequence, only specific responses to submissions received may be considered binding.

By accepting the terms of this agreement, the User declares that he is legally qualified to enter into this contract. If this is not the case, we request that you leave the Website and to refrain from using the services offered. Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA shall not be liable to users or third parties involved or those that make incompetent use of the Website and/or their services, but legally. This document and any and all attachments describe the terms applicable for the use of services and information provided by Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA through this website.

Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA reserves the right to modify these Terms and its attachments at any time, by means of modifications to these Terms, made by Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA on this website. By accepting these Terms, the User is expressly agreeing to and therefore is being notified of all modifications to the Terms and annexes, which are published on this website.

Use of this website can connect the user to other Internet sites that may contain information that some people may find inappropriate, offensive, or may be prohibited or regulated by applicable laws. Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA, under no circumstances, guarantees the content of any of these websites that may appear in connection with Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA

Arosemena Noriega & Contreras ( DBA) is not responsible for the veracity and precision of the data that users register and/or those using the services on the Website. Arosemena Noriega & Contreras ( DBA) is not responsible for any damages that may arise as a result of any error or false, improper or fraudulent information provided by the User, for which the User agrees that he/she makes use of these services on their own and at their own risk.

This service can be used by the User ("Sender") to transfer funds to Arosemena Noriega & Contreras. The sender must use internationally accepted credit cards, in this particular case, only Visa and MasterCard are accepted (hereafter collectively "Bank Cards"). Payments will be made exclusively in US dollars.

The sender must provide certain information to Arosemena Noriega & Contreras ( DBA) with the purpose of, among other reasons, verifying the sender's identity, determining the identity and precise location of the beneficiary, obtain proper authorization from bank card and any other information necessary to satisfy any anti-money laundering regulations that may be applicable in any country which takes place within the jurisdiction of the transaction.

For payments being processed, the following conditions must be met: (1) that the user has completed the information application posted on the Website, (2) That the bank card issuer duly authorized the payment, (3) that the transaction has been authorized by the service provider of Electronic Payment hired by Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA, (4) That the funds have been credited to Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA ), (5) That all information required by Arosemena Noriega & Contreras has been provided by the sender.

Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA reserves the absolute right in its sole discretion to refuse any transaction that may be suspicious or fraudulent, or does not comply with the conditions described in this document. Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA reserves the absolute right to use any information provided by any user to issue or deliver a "suspicious activity report" to be sent to the competent authorities in case Arosemena Noriega & CONTRERAS (DBA believes that the transaction is suspicious. In the event that Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA declines or rejects any transaction under these reasons, its liability is limited to the refund of any amount received by the user which will be immediately credited to the credit card user, discounting any costs or charges incurred as a result of the transaction.

The sender can only ask to cancel the transaction before the release of funds is made to Arosemena Noriega & Contreras.

After the release of funds has been made, or funds concerned have been credited to the account Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA, the sender can not claim the fee charge to the credit card, nor deny to pay the fee. Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA will pursue any attempt of fraud or fraudulent act intended to harm Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA in the relevant jurisdictions, with the ability to criminalize any and all perpetrators, accomplices and accessories to the criminal action aimed at defrauding the company while using its services.

The sender is obligated to pay all commissions, fees and costs, including but not limited to, professional fees and fines or surcharges incurred by Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA resulting from the collection of any amount paid or delivered by Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA and not covered by the Sender.

General Rules. The user must pay Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA, or any company that specializes in processing electronic payment hired by Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA the fees and costs of the services provided in effect on the date of the transaction.

The User shall be solely responsible for the use given to his or her username and password and any and all costs and expenses that may arise from the use thereof.

The User agrees to absolve Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA from any liability with respect to third parties, if the User fails to comply with the provision of these Terms.

The information provided will be responsibility of the user at all times. Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA and its staff will not have access to the information saved by the user on the Site and therefore, is not responsible for the information that the user saves.

Arosemena Noriega & Contreras ( DBA) is not responsible for the loss of information caused by technical problems as a result of communications and data transmission systems. It is the responsibility of the user at all times, to have a back up of the information posted on the Website.

Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA does not guarantee the availability and continuity of Website’s operation and its services. Within reasonable parameters, Arosemena Noriega & Contreras ( DBA) must give prior notice of the interruption of the Website’s operation and its services to its users.

Arosemena Noriega & Contreras ( DBA) is not responsible for damages of any kind that could be generated by the interruption and failure of the Services, or unavailability of the Website, occurring as a result of acts of God, major force, decreased functionality of the Website as a result of excessive traffic, as well as failures due to the user's equipment, which may prevent or limit access to the system, or for any fraudulent use that the User can attribute to the Website or services.

Obligation to make proper use of the Website and its services. The User agrees to use the Website and its Services in accordance with the laws, terms and any other attachments and modification contained or published on the Website and also in accordance with morality, generally accepted values and behavior and to public order. For this purpose, the User shall not use any of the Services for any purpose or effect that may be illegal, prohibited in the Terms, which may damage the rights and interests of third parties or in any way damage, disable, overcharge, impair or impede the normal operation and use of the Website and its services.

You agree to notify Arosemena Noriega & Contreras of any changes in your personal information such as address, phone number, email address and any other personal or business information. Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA reserves the right to assign or transfer its rights and obligations assumed under these Terms to any affiliate or related company and agrees to notify the users of such assignment or transfer via e-mail sent to the address on the registration of the User on the Website, within thirty (30) business days subsequent to such assignment or transfer.

Disclaimer of warranties. Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA assumes no responsibility nor guarantees the compliance related to copyright laws, intellectual property or compliance with any other applicable law, legality of the items or services offered through the Web Page.  Neither assumes liability for unauthorized use of images, trademarks, logos, designs or other intellectual property made by the user.

Modifications. Terms, services, fees, costs and fees charged to the User and payment can be modified at any time by Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA The User must invariably be notified of changes via email. It is implicitly accepted as acceptance of any such modification by the user when accessing the system after notification of the changes has taken place.

No license and Content. Except for a provision given in writing, this agreement should not be construed as granting or licensing of intellectual property rights of Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA or information related to the Services provided to the web page users.

The User agrees to use the content of this website in compliance with the law, these Terms, its Annexes and other notices posted on the Website, and in accordance with generally accepted morality and behavior and public order. For purposes of these Terms, the word "content" refers, to name a few, logos, designs, documents, text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, hyperlinks, software and other audiovisual or audio content that may be contained on the Website. The User must not reproduce, copy, distribute or otherwise publicly communicate, transform or modify the contents, unless Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA or guardian of the content rights have authorized the use in advance and in writing.

Jurisdiction and dispute resolution. Any dispute that arises concerning the interpretation of these Terms or the use of the information contained on this Website must be resolved in the courts of Panama, whose jurisdiction the User, by accepting these terms, declares accepting, specifically waiving any other jurisdiction. These Terms shall be governed by the laws of Panama.

Privacy Policy. Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA protects the identity and personal information of its users and will not sell its database. Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA does not sell, rent or trade your personal information with any other company. This information should be available to Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (DBA Information regarding the website user should not be provided to third parties unless required by law, or any other court or government authority.

If you understand and agree to the terms of use above select "I accept the Terms of Use." You must accept the terms of use to continue and issue your payment.

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